Rupert Sanderson

January 31, 2009

In a moment of madness or divine intervention Rupert Sanderson resigned from a promising career in advertising to learn how to make shoes at the Cordwainers College in East London.


During the summer break of the two year course he rode a motorbike to Italy to visit as many shoe factories, tanneries and last makers as he could.

In a very short time he was working in Italy firstly for Sergio Rossi and then Bruno Magli.  Rupert is very proud to have been able to work with the founders and their families of both these companies before they were bought by larger luxury goods companies – it has stood him in good stead with the closely knit Italian shoe making community.

His design philosophy is simply ‘less is more’.  Avoiding augmentation and over dressing the foot he concentrates on perfecting line, volume and material to flatter and lengthen the leg, and make women feel sexier.  His inspiration comes from the materials themselves; from the sensual curve and silhouettes of the lasts and heels, to the quality and finish of the best leather and fabrics.


In 2008 Rupert Sanderson founded Fashion Fringe Shoes with Colin McDowell, with the aim of discovering and nurturing a new range of design talent.

Rupert Sanderson won the award of Accessory Designer of the Year at the 2008 British Fashion Awards.

To compliment his obsessive passion with the Italian craft of shoe making, every pair of Rupert Sanderson shoes is named after a Daffodil.  How very English…



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Men with Birkin

January 8, 2009





Chanel Spring/Summer 2009

January 1, 2009



Model: Heidi Mount

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