Ok, now is the moment. I am desperate. I need a new pair of shoes, sneakers and boots. If you want to make me happy make me a gift. My shoe size is 8,5 – 9 UK or 42,5 or 43 in european sizes. I’ll be so happy if my presents are from Ann Demeulemeester boutique.  I like this one.





See more on Ann Demeulemeester website.



Ok, yes, she is amazing. I love her and her design – the deconstructiv line, the neo-romantic style, the shapes and siluets.


The show began with a outfit in black – oversize jacket and slim pants. Without shirt, just with leather cummerbunds. After some pieces in black we see the true part of spring collection – leather jackets in grey and white, long skirts, and clothes with bird print. Lovely and so demeulemeester.


I love and the man’s pieces of collection but my favorites are the shoes. i love them and I want them. Now.


You can find more about Ann Demeulemeester on her website.



В новия брой на едно от любимите списания можем да открием много и само хубави неща. За новия брой на българското издание на Amica писаха и снимаха – 1. Левон Хампарцумян 2. Пламен Константинов 3. Евелина Кузмова 4. Алекс Раева 5. Нина Николина 6. Мария Илиева 7. Евгения Живкова 8. Ивет Добромирова 9. Веселина Георгиева 10. Георги Тошев 11. Джордж Едуард 12. Яна Борисова

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