Inside Margiela

January 28, 2010


Exclusive video from the catwalk. Amazing collection by Kris Van Assche here

MMM “Untitled”

January 22, 2010

Vasil Bozhilov

January 11, 2010

Vasil Bozhilov is a young bulgarian fashion designer and I really like his style and that what he doing. At the moment you can find his work only in Bulgaria.

You can see more on his page in Facebook.

Fashion Short Cotton Pants


January 5, 2010

Hello guys, I just want to say you that I have a new website. It’s call Vogue Report, looks really beautiful and nice, simple and peaceful. You can read everything about fashion there, only problem is that the text in website is in Bulgarian.

Anyway, go there, see it, I know you love it!

To die for Chanel

January 5, 2010

I’m not sure but think that has no one people who don’t want to have a Chanel 2.55 purse. This is most amazing purse I ever see in my live. I am fashion stylist and I see a ot of bags and purses but this is most fantastic bag in the world after Birkin. May be, I am not sure.

You can wear this bag with everything. I see the people who wearing it with sports wear, the most ladies wear the canonic bag with small black dresses but I prefer it with Balmain jacket , skinny jeans, high-high-high heels and some old white t-shirt.

Burberry is may be one of my favourite labels and how it looks I will buy the most thing from spring/summer’s collection of the English label. The reason to doing that is not just the beautiful style, the line and the high quality.

The advertising of the labels is so good to you must die for some pieces. Look like Emma Watson is the new muse for the English company, but the second adv. With her looks better than first.

I love the style who looks pretty classics and safe. You can see a few interesting pieces from spring collection that I really like – trench-coat-belt-straps sweaters, the red leather coat, vintage looking Chelsea boots, etc.

Seems like the Burberry family loves Watson’s family because in this campaign we see and the Emma’s brother Alex Watsons who look like a really Burberry man.

You can find the collection in Burberry stores soon.