May 30, 2010

Hello, Dear readers. I was write my last post may be before a half an year. So, I really sorry for that, but the truth is that I has a new one beautiful blog/website. The is many news, articles, interviews and all is about fashion. It’s call VogueReport, VogueReport.net.! It’s good, nice, funny and please, please visit it! It’s really important to me. I am sure that yo will like it. You can find the same thing that you can find here, but more a lot, really interesting.

SOoooo, I really don’t know what to write here, but ……

N0t, really, now is fashionable to has a blog, a has from a few years, may be three. So now i has one really nice, and good, and i so sorry, but maybe I will not post more articles here. You can read more from my fashion ideas and vision to www.voguereport.net