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January 22, 2010


Fashion Short Cotton Pants

To die for Chanel

January 5, 2010

I’m not sure but think that has no one people who don’t want to have a Chanel 2.55 purse. This is most amazing purse I ever see in my live. I am fashion stylist and I see a ot of bags and purses but this is most fantastic bag in the world after Birkin. May be, I am not sure.

You can wear this bag with everything. I see the people who wearing it with sports wear, the most ladies wear the canonic bag with small black dresses but I prefer it with Balmain jacket , skinny jeans, high-high-high heels and some old white t-shirt.

Burberry is may be one of my favourite labels and how it looks I will buy the most thing from spring/summer’s collection of the English label. The reason to doing that is not just the beautiful style, the line and the high quality.

The advertising of the labels is so good to you must die for some pieces. Look like Emma Watson is the new muse for the English company, but the second adv. With her looks better than first.

I love the style who looks pretty classics and safe. You can see a few interesting pieces from spring collection that I really like – trench-coat-belt-straps sweaters, the red leather coat, vintage looking Chelsea boots, etc.

Seems like the Burberry family loves Watson’s family because in this campaign we see and the Emma’s brother Alex Watsons who look like a really Burberry man.

You can find the collection in Burberry stores soon.

Ok, now is the moment. I am desperate. I need a new pair of shoes, sneakers and boots. If you want to make me happy make me a gift. My shoe size is 8,5 – 9 UK or 42,5 or 43 in european sizes. I’ll be so happy if my presents are from Ann Demeulemeester boutique.  I like this one.





See more on Ann Demeulemeester website.


Ok, yes, she is amazing. I love her and her design – the deconstructiv line, the neo-romantic style, the shapes and siluets.


The show began with a outfit in black – oversize jacket and slim pants. Without shirt, just with leather cummerbunds. After some pieces in black we see the true part of spring collection – leather jackets in grey and white, long skirts, and clothes with bird print. Lovely and so demeulemeester.


I love and the man’s pieces of collection but my favorites are the shoes. i love them and I want them. Now.


You can find more about Ann Demeulemeester on her website.

Ann Demeulemeester is an influential fashion designer whose label (‘Ann Demeulemeester’) gothic fashion clothing is usually displayed during Paris Fashion Week.She is married to photographer Patrick Robyn and has a son. The couple live in Belgium’s only Le Corbusier house situated in Antwerp.


She studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp from 1978 to 1981. As a result, she is often referred to as a member of the “Antwerp Six”, the radical – but all distinctive – Belgian designers of the 1980s (others in this group include Dries van Noten).





Ann Demeulemeester has worked with the artist Jim Dine, and has also been associated with Patti Smith. Currently, she is working on a clothing line inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Ann Demeulemeester


di+ produces high-standard garments that posses and elegant, smart design with emphasis on comfort. Clean lines and colours are combined with an off-beat choise of materials and fabrics, design and production technologies, to create everyday and, at the same time, unique clothing.
Dessislava Ivanova, 07.02.1974, Bulgaria.
She undertakes her first steps in fashion in 1997. She does not belong to a particular school, but the irresistible desire to express herself and a bit of luck lead to the start of her own fashion line di+, which is now available to clients (fashion-lovers) in Bulgaria.
In her collections, she combines in an unusual way the chic and the classic look in streetwear.

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March 5, 2009

vp1French Vogue March 09


Italian Vogue March 93

Where the diference between the Jeans VOGUE covers?

Pretty Fake – CHANEL

February 26, 2009


Just one another pretty CHANEL’s fake t-shirt.